Everything There Is To Know About Automated Testing

To achieve the goal of automation testing and harnessing the power of AI in testing, AI has to become an integral part of software testing tools. Each test cycle generates tons of data, which can be used to identify and resolve test failures. After each test run, the data/learning can be fed back to the AI/ML algorithms. Test automation framework is helpful when you need to execute the same test scripts multiple times with different builds to examine the application and validate output. It is better to avoid automated testing for functionality, which you used only once since building automation script itself is time-consuming. Managing the testing process is also complicated since it demands planning, bug tracking and reliability analysis.

  • Learning Curve – Most of the automation tools have a steep learning curve as they are code-based tools and coding is required from test creation to test maintenance.
  • With an increased emphasis on automation testing implementation across various organizations.
  • Further in the article, we’ll talk about these testing tools, and the reasons Selenium stayed relevant after so many years since its creation.
  • Selenium WebDriver is the leading open-source automation framework for web applications.
  • Puppeteer is built with NodeJS and supports Javascript/Typescript programming languages.

No-code speeds up the release pipeline and supports CI/CD by allowing much more efficient testing, thanks to all the points above. No-code eases documentation and reporting processes, test automation definition as tests are automatically logged and can be reviewed more easily thanks to the visual interface. These drivers for automation manifest themselves differently in organizations.

When to Opt for Manual Testing & Automation Testing?

Having your team involved in the testing process will also lead to a more in-depth knowledge of the product and its progress. Gone are the days when developing a website meant you had to make it responsive for a specific mobile, tab, and desktop. Nowadays, most companies and customers prefer a site developed with the mobile-first approach. At present, there are hundreds of devices in the market, each with its resolution and browsers. That is why most companies and individuals have started moving towards cloud-based cross browser testing platforms.

Who Uses Test Automation

As one of the pioneers in modern automated testing, Selenium acquired a fanbase of developers in major players like Google and startups, too. The job listings for QA professionals include Selenium proficiency as one of the required skills. The main purpose of unit testing is to see how each component of your application will work, without being impacted by anything else. Unit testing is performed during the development phase, is considered as the first level of testing. It is the true the initial investment may be costly, but, over time, the benefits of the method help it pay for itself by reducing the cost of code revisions and manually repeating tests.


Ideally, there is no need to update the scripts in case of changes to the application. Once automated tests have been developed, they can be run quickly and repeatedly. Many times, this can be a cost-effective method for regression testing of software products that have a long maintenance life.

Utilizing ChatGPT for test automation requires a stable internet connection to interact with the API, which could lead to dependency on external services and potential downtime. Relying on an AI-generated code may raise intellectual property concerns, as the generated test scripts could potentially resemble existing copyrighted code. Integrating ChatGPT into an existing test automation workflow can be complex, requiring expertise in API integration and customizations to fit specific needs. Using ChatGPT for test automation can offer several advantages and disadvantages.

What is Automation Testing? Test Tutorial

To conclude this section, there are several types of tests that can be automated. Automated testing is when you configure a script/program to do the same steps as you would do to manually test the software. Owing to the core benefits mentioned above, many https://globalcloudteam.com/ organizations, including startups and multinational companies, have prioritized test automation in their digital maturity strategy. With test automation tools, enterprises can streamline their testing procedures to achieve the maximum return on investment.

Who Uses Test Automation

Flowcharts are useful because they allow you to branch logic, add inputs from data sources, and much more. Get the Agile Testing whitepaper to learn how to work with the agile methodology in testing for successful software development. No-code lets testers match the pace of the development cycle, because it’s significantly easier and faster to set up. Based on the title of those resources, you can probably guess which type of automation we are advocating for.

steps for performing an automated test

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Ghost Inspector is best suited for small user interface automation, whereas Test Studio is good for desktop and Web application testing. Test Complete is similarly capable as Ranorex but its cost and updates are much costlier than that of Ranorex. If you are looking for a codeless approach to test automation, ACCELQ is the best choice.

Major Benefits of Test Automation for Enterprises

In this test automation guide, we answer all your questions related to testing and test automation to equip you with the knowledge to effectively and strategically approach this field. If this all still sounds too complicated, try to automatically run your test suite whenever you push new code to your repository as a first simple CI pipeline. If you use GitHub or GitLab, there are great free CI tools built-in to try (see our articles on GitHub Actions and GitLab CI/CD). Or you can start with a dedicated CI tool by taking a look at CircleCI. At Saviant, we are on a mission to simplify the industrial world around us.

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