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There might even be a to-do somewhere reminding him/her to update the code. I recently spent two weeks working on some “quick” feature adds to a legacy Java codebase that dates back to almost a decade before I joined the team. We will onboard the talent and take care of all payments, insurance, reporting and other dull processes. There is also a 7-day money-back guarantee after the project’s kick-off. Based on the interview, we will shortlist Java developers best suited for your needs. At the start of cooperation, we define the hourly rate for Java app support activities.

java development team

A database application is a computer program that interacts with a database, which is a large collection of data or information. The database is maintained by the computer system to enable quick access and retrieval of data. These applications are used as one way to track, store, and manage various types of information.

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Our customer is an Australian software company that develops products for software developers, project managers, and other software development teams. While a Java developer without technical skills simply cannot code, a set of soft skills is important as well. A good Java dev must be able to work well with others, both devs and non-devs.

  • Beyond the great design work produced, they are really nice people to work with, which is equally important to build a long lasting partnership.
  • We even do happy hours and social time online just to allow your coworkers the ability to interact with each other in non-working scenarios like they would normally in the office.
  • Depending on the level of specialization and the goals of the company, the required skills are different.
  • Java is one of the top technologies for this, so if you are planning to launch a web app or mobile app product, you might want to hire Java developers.
  • More impressive still, they’ve been doing a great job at keeping these resources through effective HR tactics, and have done everything to make us happy.
  • Our developers, engineers and testers from our Java software development company have vast expertise in terms of frameworks, tools and technologies.
  • The purpose of this involvement is to provide visibility on the project’s progress, so the whole team can adapt to ensure continuous product delivery.

Many beginners choose it because it is a dynamically typed language, the code is more readable and concise, and there are no brackets or semicolons in the syntax. Since Java is the second most widely used language, after Python, it would be interesting to compare the programming features of each of these to see what makes one better than the other in daily work challenges. As an X-Team developer, you’ll gain access to our exclusive community that is designed to help you learn, grow, and explore your passions more. Waverley engineers helped the leader in robotic process automation to fully move a .NET-based product into Java while expanding functionality. Following the best practices of future-proof SOA and microservices architecture, we build reliable, loosely-coupled systems.

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When developing a Java project, it’s crucial to regularly conduct unit and integration tests to validate the product’s security and ensure high performance. Grid Dynamics has helped us staff our engineering team with high-quality specialists, meaning that we no longer need to waste our time with people who aren’t the right fit for the job. Besides, if you want to have more control over the recruitment process, we can arrange interviews with the candidates. We craft a detailed functional specification that indicates the scope of the project, details an implementation plan for it, and describes the required Java tech stack. The purpose of the two-week no-risk trial period is to start working with our Java development team without paying them.

It was initially designed to have as few implementation dependencies as possible, which led to the term “write once, run anywhere” . This means that compiled Java code can run on all platforms with no need for recompiling the code. By using the Java platform, it is possible to build any sort of application, including websites, various servers, software, and even firmware for robots and smart homes. Therefore, a Java programmer’s primary responsibility is to create new code or modify existing code to make a mobile application or website work. Java is cost-effective and simple to implement when developing applications. In comparison to other languages, Java offers beneficial features that make it appropriate for most programming activities.

Java software development services offered by Turing Teams

Code quality is the cornerstone of project performance so it’s obligatory to have well-established processes designed to check the quality of the code produced. One of the most common ways to monitor the code writing process is through managed code documentation and comments. This allows for quick and simple review of the code, seeing what was done there and how.

java development team

After the service is delivered, you pay for a bunch of hours during which we’ve been providing support. Employing reasonable test automation to decrease testing time and costs. Team augmentation with Java developers and architects (from 0.5 FTE to 150+ FTE). Mature quality management, backed by ISO 9001;robust security management, supported by ISO 27001.

We don’t just develop Java applications but provide support and maintenance services far after delivering the completing project to keep up its performance. Somewhere there is a development team where each member works only in his or her own source files and merges are never required. This team also never has bugs, always delivers their code on time, and commutes via flying pig. To make the process of hiring all these professionals more efficient, contact us at Ideamotive. We are able to quickly connect you with top IT experts who already have experience in the industry you are working in and the type of product you are developing.

Discovery (if you don’t have a requirements specification yet)

Java is often used when building huge, complicated software for corporate use. Leverage our tech excellence and deep Java skills for safe, swift and financially sound Java application development. Let us take care of the end-to-end Java project delivery – from project planning to programming and app support – with full responsibility for its quality and risk management.

But identifying and implementing the right code based on your use cases is the trick. The growing popularity and wide implementation of the Java programming language mean good prospects for programmers. This knowledge opens up new opportunities to build a brilliant career as a software developer. The portion of the interview focused on the technical parts of one’s job usually consists of a set of questions and a task or two to be either accomplished during the interview or at home. If you are not a Java developer yourself, you should consider asking someone to help you out with the process. Consider which colleague could help or book some time with an expert for hire.

java development team

For those individuals career pathing in Java development, certifications are important. Based on recent data, Java is used in 2.6% of all websites whose server-side programming is known. While the language doesn’t seem to be used by many sites, it is used by sites with high traffic almost exclusively. Well-known websites that rely on Java include LinkedIn, Chase,, and Depending on the level of specialization and the goals of the company, the required skills are different. Python is a powerful, efficient, and highly readable general-purpose language.

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High-quality software solutions to our clients that meet their business needs and objectives as a Java Development Company. Provide management-level communications regarding project and team performance. Your team will need to refer back to the emergency fix some day and these best practices will save you stages of team development a lot of trouble. But declaring an interface only makes sense when there is more than one object that displays the behavior. It’s possible in the design above that we’ll have a second DoesThings some day, but we don’t yet and adding in code for that possibility now is an example of premature optimization.

Our advice is to keep a set schedule, and, as we mention in the next section, keep hours dedicated to focus work. When you’re working from home, it’s easier than ever to let your schedule balloon and shift. That may mean a lunch you normally take around noon is now happening in the late afternoon. Those types of changes can have a big impact on productivity, especially if they become a habit. Your inquiry will be directed to the appropriate team and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Java developers can be responsible for unit testing the code to check for bugs. Unit testing is a process where software developers look at an application’s individual units of code and make sure they work right. A Java developer might also create test cases to test specific parts of an application, such as the user interface or the user experience . A test case is a set of steps you take to see how an app will respond under certain circumstances. For example, if you wanted to test the end-to-end process of your website, you would provide a sample scenario with input and expected results.

Custom Java Application Development

Turing has helped us fill our open roles timely while providing talented people eager to jump in and help our business progress. Turing works closely with you to understand your problems and desired outcomes and offers a clear path to a solution. Java is a high-demanded language in the entertainment industry due to its use in building streaming platforms or 3D animations. We provide Java features for both private and commercial destiny like managing properties, tenants, leases, and finances, or even developing a dedicated agency CRM. A trainee who has a very basic understanding of the technology and is currently learning it.

Leverage our Java application maintenance & support services to ensure your product quality, stability, and free up your team for other tasks. Our engineers are proficient at a variety of Java technologies and provide the industry-recognized certificates to prove their mastery of the Java programming language. When you need to hire software developers, the timeframe within which that can be done can be critical to the success of your project. While many Western businesses spend months on finding an IT expert they need, t… As SYTOSS, they’ve been instrumental in implementing a mission-critical Billing project of nationwide importance, and they’ve done a great job of it, — across the board…. In order to be able to better respond to likely future project needs, we can train the Java developers of our Bench Team in advance.

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This will significantly save time for all involved as it will help both yourself and any potential developers understand the fit required for the project. Java is a general-purpose language that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. As a result, every Java-related project demands a very specific set of requirements for the developers. During this time, as a leader it becomes increasingly easy to schedule a lot of meeting for your teams. But this will easily frustrate your teams as they will feel unable to do their job due to unending meetings.

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